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    Topshop Unique S/S 2015

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    Le Sigh

    Photograph by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin; styled by Edward Enninful; W magazine October 2014. 

  3. 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2 - Show

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  6. Dallas ~ 24/8

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    My brother on his way home this summer

    ur brother is hot


    you can’t see his face

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    i remember way too many small details about people so i have to act dumb sometimes so i don’t freak them out

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  10. "I fall in love with shadows,
    sometimes. Or with the voices
    of telemarketers, or the
    footsteps of the person walking
    behind me. I woke up in love
    with someone I saw in my
    dream, once. I only like to
    give my heart to things that
    will give it right back. I stopped
    trusting in real love the first
    time I asked someone to keep
    me, and they told me they
    could not."
    — anne, I don’t love for real anymore (via anneisrestless)